With a New Year and a New City, I decided it’s high time to start a blog. I have spent the past 8 years living in Brooklyn, NY and working in Furniture and Interior Design. This year I take leave and follow my husband, as his job requires time in Tokyo, Japan.

I now find myself fortunate to have the guilty pleasure of not working for anyone but myself and spending a whole year exploring a new city! I look forward to sharing my findings as I tour Tokyo and the countryside.  

In addition to starting this blog about general day to day experiences in a foreign land, my passions include Architecture & Interior Design, finding neat specialty Shops & Boutiques, and trying new Foods – so expect some of that good stuff too! Here’s to a New Year and a New Blog!
~ Ashlee C.

These snaps were taken over the Holiday weekend. My husband (Mr. Cakes) and I took a quick trip to Mori Tower in Roppongi Hills where we immediately ascended to the 52nd Floor and took in the view. I had to be pulled away; I could have stared in any direction for hours!  

Luckily, the only reason we left that Floor was to take it to the top – ROOF TOP!!  Believe it or not, the Roof Top is open as an observation deck at Mori Tower.  This trip leans toward the ‘touristy’ side, but the view – totally worth it for a couple of Midwest Lovers.  My only thought, visit any time other than Christmas or the New Year Holiday, most likely less craze-e!