Like NYC, Tokyo is a rail town. So the best mode of transportation is the train. The 2 companies I primarily use run throughout the city. Tokyo Metro and JR Rail both keep an unbelievably consistent schedule. Tickers are hung in almost every station to advise on the time the next train will arrive. Having moved from NYC I am always stunned to see the train right there, on time!

Prior to any adventure or sometimes for an errand I must consult the maps. There are 3 maps I keep on my phone and have with me at all times; Tokyo Central, Tokyo Full and JR.  Have a look for yourself! 

Above is Tokyo Metro, or Central Tokyo Map (Defined as being inside the Yamanote Line and considered a subway line). Think of this map like the ‘Loop’ in Chicago, this only shows a segment of the city. There are 9 different lines that run throughout Tokyo. My stop is not inside Central Tokyo, and that’s fine with me!

Next is the full map! Or Tokyo Map on drugs. Would you believe me if I told you travel is much, much easier than it looks? As long as you know your starting station and your ending station, you’ll be fine! Most train lines even announce in English, so I haven’t missed a stop yet!

Last but not least, here is the JR Map. This is for the Greater Tokyo Area, but the train runs throughout the country like Amtrak in the States. As of now, I have mostly traveled inside Tokyo. In the coming months I plan to venture out on day trips and weekend getaways. But for now, I have a lot to memorize and explore!

Have a nice weekend. No matter what mode of transportation you take, enjoy the path you choose!  ~Ac