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Since Mr. Cakes and I are spending a year here we decided not to bring any of our furniture. We figured we would have a modest apartment with little need for furniture to host guests. However, once we received keys to our apartment and only saw a desk, tv, tv stand, folding table and bed – we knew we’d need more! 

I do care about craft and quality of all product, especially furniture. But since I rarely have the budget for heirloom quality, I usually turn to hunting for deals (new & used) or a DIY project here and there. 

The first few weeks I scoured the internet for ‘Sayonara Sales’ (moving sales), Craigslist, and other sites for cheap furniture. In addition I went to Recycled Shops and tried to find some hidden gems in Antique Shops and non-corporate stores. Things were coming together at a snail’s pace. I ended up with a couple of pieces, but not enough to call it home. So, I bit the bullet and took a trip. Ikea trip!!

The Ikea in Chiba is about a 1.5 hour train trip for me. It takes 3 trains to get me there and Tokyo Disneyland is on the way! A very pleasant trip since the later half is with the JR line and passes Tokyo Bay. It’s always a nice break to see endless water, vs. endless buildings.

Wheeling through Ikea took up several hours of my day, I was there long enough to want lunch. As I was eating I decided everyone I know has at least something from Ikea, nothing wrong with that! And now, even in Tokyo – I do too! I just purchased my first ever Ikea sofa. The Karlstad. This sofa seems to get a lot of attention on other blogs. It has a clean and simple look and for the price it can’t be beat! In addition to the sofa I picked up a table, (2) galvanized aluminum shelves, step stool, and (2) lamps. And you know I stocked up on cute napkins! Check out my day below!

(Top Row/ Left to Right)                                                                                                                                    On the Keiyo Line Train passing Tokyo Bay Minami-Funabashi is the final stop to shop /              Ikea Chiba / The Karlstad Lunch

(Bottom Row/ Left to Right)                                                                                                                         Decor option 1 / Decor option 2 / Transfer station on the way back home / Empty train station / Men sleeping on train (on my way home)

I am scheduled for delivery later this week! It’ll be nice to finally have the place look and feel settled!