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House Hunters International (I wish!) 

It is impossible to describe the schizophrenia of residential architecture in my neighborhood. So I decided to walk around a small area, about the equivalent of a 2 block radius (by NYC standards) and snap some homes.

There is an incredible range of buildings here! Apartment complexes both mid-high rise, recent and decades old, older homes, new construction – it’s just so different from what I’ve seen before. There just isn’t such a range in my old neighborhood.

Here are 6 homes in the small area I covered.


This first home is right around the corner from mine! I see it every time I run errands. When we first moved in I noticed this one right away because visually it looks like what I expected from homes in Tokyo. Since I read so many design magazines and have seen many shows on the aesthetic of ‘modern’ homes in Japan – this just captured that for me.

Diagonal from the home above is this ‘cottage’. The lace curtains make me think of England. This is a single occupancy home that has an indoor garage and a nice garden in the back.

The front landscaping is noticeable, considering the trees are planted at a height that conveys no peeking!

Walking north and up a slight incline I found this home – very striking! At first I didn’t think it was residential, but there is a garage, and upon a little closer look – it seems like a renovation is going on inside, which is why it is empty. Passing this home reminded me I still need to visit The Modern Wing at the Art Institute of Chicago, designed by Renzo Piano.

I took a quick snap of this home, because I’m interested in the chimney. There just aren’t that many houses that have chimneys around here.

Also, the house just seemed so ‘normal’. Nothing aesthetically screamed Japan, if I showed you this picture, where would you guess the home is located?

I decided I enjoy walking down this street because all of the homes are reasonable looking and there is nothing telling me I’m worlds apart from my friends & family.

This next home is remarkable to me because it takes up a lot of area. I’m guessing it has a very well off homeowner! A couple of thoughts always come to mind when I pass this place. One, Las Vegas – I’ve never been there, but for some reason that just pops in my head. And two, do the Peoria Chiefs still have those palm trees lining the stadium? Those trees can’t possibly still be alive!

Last, this home is my favorite. Mostly because I have so many questions! I have to get inside – I am dying to know what the interior is like. There are 3 cars, which is not common here. So on closer inspection I noticed this is a 5 home building. Take a look, you think the inside will resemble the modern craftiness of the outside?


I am always on the look out when I walk around my neighborhood. There is something to notice every day.

It helps to have a paradigm shift once in a while. So instead of walking home the routine way, I’ll try another route. Proves for an interesting walk every time!