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You either love her or you don’t. HELLO KITTY!

I have come to her homeland (although she was born in a suburb of London), and I do get a kick out of the pastel pink and ridiculously cute items that are available in many stores here! This past weekend Mr. Cakes and I were on a fairly serious jaunt to Shinjuku running errands and hunting for more furniture. As we were walking, a pastel pink shop with a HUGE Hello Kitty monument caught my eye. Turned out, it was Shinjuku Gift Gate which is a Sanrio licensed shop and has all sorts of products. I dragged Cakes through the door and we both ended up enjoying the visit!

It seems everyone in Japan has something hanging from his or her cell phone. I’m not sure what the real term for it is, or if there is a real term. But I call it phone flair, and sometimes it’s right ridiculous how large of an ornament will dangle from a cell phone. Here are some pretty basic, but glittery examples I saw. I thought about the A.

While I poked around the shop, Cakes sniffed out the popcorn and managed to parlay this pink visit into a snack stop. Hello Kitty popcorn machine. Yes, it exists.

I saw this pen and thought to myself, this could not be any cuter. Take a look. I’m a bit of a sucker for 2 things, Pandas and Hello Kitty. How could I not buy this!

It was awfully fun to stop into Gift Gate and poke around! It really cheered us up and helped us carry on with the rest of our to do list! Plus, if we didn’t stop, we would have never met Pompompurin. His skills are listed as ‘napping, Purin aerobics, becoming friends with anyone’. Too cute!