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Last week I posted about my trip to Ikea. Today, I’d like to give you a little update. The Karlstad was delivered safe and sound and then assembled by Mr. Cakes. It took about 40 minutes to put the whole thing together.

Color-wise, I think there may be slight variation from country to country. The ‘Medium Gray’ I’ve seen in the States is not like the one I saw at Ikea Chiba. This one seems to be a bit blue, not as neutral as I had hoped. None the less I decided to stick with it.

By any city standards, our home is a nice sized apartment! To maximize living space, we choose the love seat version of the Karlstad. It is very cozy! In addition to the new sofa, I added a couple throw pillows. These come from a shop I found on Etsy, Modern Thread. The square is a Schumacher fabric and the smaller one is a cubist print from Osborne & Little. The footstool on the right is from home. This was a gift from my Mother-in-Law. There are actually two, the other one is just beyond the frame.

Behind the sofa is a set of acrylic paintings I purchased from Salvation Army in Peoria, Illinois. I think I paid $1.25 for the set! These show the 4 seasons, and yes, the frames match extremely well with the woodwork in the apartment – what a coincidence!

As I work through the space I will post updates. Until then, let me know your creative ideas for decorating. I’m always on the hunt!