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 Stickers & Stencils

There are some days I choose to walk instead of taking the subway. It depends on the distance of travel, but I prefer to avoid the busy underground if at all possible. Today I was on foot heading towards Ebisu and noticed these stencils.

After passing these, I just began noticing all sorts of stickers, graffiti and such. Here is what I found on my Wednesday walk.


I’m guessing many of these are advertisements, street art, or band related. I just snapped the ones I found interesting. The sticker with yoga fingers was stuck to a street sign pole. Right at my eye level too! There is something wonderful about living in a country where things are suited for my height!


I pass the LOVE ME sticker often. This post finally gives me an excuse to share what I see frequently! Many of you will be familiar with the BNE sticker. BNE has covered a lot of area worldwide, including NYC and Brooklyn. There are plenty around Tokyo as well. This one’s close to home on an electrical box.

Here are a couple more stencils. The top one is of former Prime Minister Naoto Kan. I’ve tried to research the artist, unfortunately I’m not as up to date on this sort of thing. It was much easier in Brooklyn since there are many blogs and websites (written in English) that discuss the latest work and location by street artists. The lower snap has at least 3 different faces to check out!



I spotted this little guy from 20 meters away! Upon closer inspection it just made me laugh. I wonder who made this and then had the time to tuck it away on the back of a city sign? Well worth the discovery.


See the smiley face? I have seen this in small, medium and large versions all around my neighborhood. This one happens to be fairly high up, under a train line. I miss seeing street art around Brooklyn, but I’m starting to notice more here. Some of my favorite artists include Chris Stain, Banksy, JR, and Tip Toe.    



Check out this baby seat. I’m guessing the parents are very trendy. It looks like all of the stickers were thoughtfully placed. The Andre the Giant sticker on the right is by Shepard Fairy. He became well-known with his ‘Hope’ print of President Obama.

This is just a small collection of stencils & stickers in my area. Pulling all these snaps together reminds me how creative people can be indoors and out! I could have easily passed these by on my walk. Luckily ‘Godzilla’ caught my attention!