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Six things I have bought in Tokyo:
1.  Vintage Flower painting
2.  Muji Clock with a sweeping 2nd hand

00240123-080310.jpg     00240123-080247.jpg

3.  Vintage Cabinet
4.  Small white table lamp
00240123-090634.jpg     00240123-080237.jpg

5.  Rice cooker (yipee!)
6.  iphone: couldn’t take to the streets without it
00240123-090707.jpg     00240123-090725.jpg

Six things I miss from the States:
1.  Being able to communicate on my own
2.  Diet Coke (my substitute Caffeine Free Coke Zero and green tea)
3.  Family & Friends: obviously
4.  Food: cottage cheese (Kroger brand), Mexican food, and GF pizza
5.  TP: everything is scented here
6.  BAM: Brooklyn Academy of Music, so lucky to live by such a special venue

Six things that make me happy in Tokyo:
1.  NO RAT ATTACKS! NYC rats are the dirtiest!!
2.  Things are my size
3.  Shabu Shabu: simple and delicious

00240123-090645.jpg     00240123-090656.jpg
4.  Public Transportation: reliable
5.  Learning about a new culture: exciting and challenging
6.  Mr. Cake’s work schedule: dinner before 11pm, yes!

Six things on my to do list:
1.  Study language
2.  Bake a pie in our oven (still adjusting to how it works)
3.  The Museum Meiji-Mura: Plan to visit in May with our blonde house guests
4.  Tsukiji Fish Market: Intend to check out in February during Rx visit
5.  Spend a long weekend in Izu with Mr. Cakes
6.  Take a flower arranging class

Six things I don’t like about Tokyo:
1.  Smoking indoors, allowed everywhere here
2.  Japanese school girl fetish (30+ years old seems a little much)
3.  Prices
4.  Pushing in subway and elsewhere
5.  Earthquakes: small tremors are hard to get used to
6.  Variety TV: I miss HBO dramas

Six things I brought from Brooklyn:
1.  Kristian Vedel Bird
2.  ‘american junk’ book from a lovely family member

00240123-080222.jpg     00240123-080256.jpg

3.  ‘a’ mug from my pal bunny, part of my bridesmaid gift
4.  Arrested Development: If you don’t know Gene Parmesan, it’s time you do

00240123-080320.jpg     00240123-090715.jpg

5.  My favorite scarves

6.  Cast iron skillet, formerly owned by my great-grandmother