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A Walk in the Park

I am so lucky to have a park close to home. Most mornings I walk Mr. Cakes to the train and then stroll through the park before heading home to start my day.

It makes a huge difference having this plot of nature close to home! Similar to NYC, block after block of concrete and steel sometimes get tiresome, so a day or even a brief walk in the park always helps to balance life.

There are 2 sides to the park. The front part is a typical park with a playground, walking circle and large grassy area to sit and chat. The slide seems to be extremely wide, which I always find amusing for some reason.


The back half of the park I had never really noticed since it is only open from 10am-5pm. I finally got into this special area on a Saturday afternoon with Mr. Cakes. Many of these snaps are taken by him!

This area is built as a traditional Japanese garden. There is a small visitor center where special events are held and some information is displayed. Here are 2 women leaving the center after an event.


A wrap around bench hugs the visitor center. It provides a nice spot to sit and read. During warmer months I will make the most of this comfort.



You can really tell how meticulous the garden is kept; see the groundskeeper working on this tree? When I saw him I just started cracking up!



We moved into our Tokyo home at the end of October when the weather was in the 60’s (Fahrenheit). At that time the grass and the leaves were green. Now the temperature is still mild, but it’s starting to look more like Winter grass! Is it too soon to be dreaming about Spring and all that will bloom in this special park?