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I still can’t believe that I live in such a unique area of Tokyo. In my opinion, it’s the Brooklyn of Tokyo. There are so many amazing fashion and interior design shops less than a 20 minute walk from home!

J’Antiques, located by the Nakameguro train station is one of the most amazing antique shops I have ever seen! This shop has so many different items. For example: vintage clothing, tassels for curtains, frames, lighting, coat racks, hat stands, you name it!

Mr. Cakes and I actually stumbled onto this shop on one of our first expeditions. We only recently found out that J’Antiques is no secret. Another blog I read wrote about  this shop a couple of years back and managed to take lots of pictures! You can read more, click here.



Tokyo consists of 23 Wards, which are like boroughs (NYC has 5 boroughs, I used to live in Brooklyn). I currently live in Meguro-ku. Within Meguro-ku there are 12 Districts, which are basically like neighborhoods (In Brooklyn I used to live in Park Slope).

As if it’s meant to be, my neighborhood is right next to the Interior Design Community! All around me there are antique and modern home furnishing shops. You would need more than a weekend to see all the shops!

The shop shown below, had a sweet little loft upstairs showing some antique garment & tailor objects. There was also a drafting desk that had a lot of character. Not sure how many people can fit that in their home!



It is a pleasure to walk past this Vintage & Salvage shop. I like to stop in and see what new ‘finds’ the store has added. The mercury glass bottles are hard to resist, but one thing I learned quickly is that the prices of antiques are not the most affordable here.




This shop does not allow photography inside, so forgive my stalker shopper shots. To elaborate on pricing there is one item that provides a great example. Hitting the antique shops on weekends, Mr. Cakes and I notice that many shops have vintage coat racks. Nothing we haven’t seen before – some have better metal hooks than others, but what would cost maybe $250 at most shops in NY and $100 in the Midwest, costs about $600 here. This coat rack is about $700.



It’s always fun to look at the antique shops in my area, many of the items remind me of home. But with antique and junk shops all throughout the Midwest and East Coast – why would I want to spend triple the amount? I’ve become a browser, I definitely do more looking than buying. If I need anything to remind me of home, I usually just look up and say “hi honey”!