There is only one reason I will lift an object to dust, as opposed to my normal ‘dust around’ routine. House guests!

Mr. Cakes and I are thrilled to have Rx (initials for our pals) visit us. Straight from New Orleans (via Chi-town) and skipping out on the Mardi Gras festivities, the NOLA Cat Crew will spend a week with us. I certainly know how it feels to take a long flight and then land in a new place, so I put a little hello! pack together. Here are the items for Rx: water, blueberry muffin, cinnamon roll, dried cranberries – along with, hand & face lotion, wisps, and sake. These items should fill the time on the train ride from the airport to home. 

To welcome our guests at home Mr. Cakes and I set up our traditional Japanese room for them. An air mattress with a couple futon mats should provide enough comfort. My dear pal XVC is extremely creative so I thought she might appreciate what I used to decorate the guest room.


I purchased one sheet of paper and created these three banners to add some subtle color to the room.



Seeing as Valentine’s Day just passed, I thought this pillow would be a fantastic personalized welcome gift. Hope they like it!


Preparation for our guests does not come without reward. We requested some things to be imported. Specifically: Bali Shag, Cheetos, Extra Gum, Skittles, Elle Decor, Architectural Digest, National Geographic, Cafe Du Monde Coffee, and Pat O’Briens hurricane mix.

This should be a really fun and exciting week. When I landed in October I went into acclimate-mode. Meaning, I tried to avoid seeing differences and noting what I was missing in NYC. So I’m looking forward to a new perspective and to seeing and hearing what my pals think about this crazy town. It’s a different mentality when one comes for 1 week vs 1 year. Let’s just hope these Southerners are up for an adventure!!