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Free!! That is something you rarely hear in Tokyo. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building has 2 observation decks that are free to the public. The South and North towers operate almost every day of the week.

I decided this would be a great outing for our pals visiting. Since there are so many activities in Tokyo that cost money, why not make the most of a free offering? The government building is a quick train ride to Nishishinjuku and just a short walk from there.

Just off the train we crossed this busy intersection. After that it was much less active in this part of town. It struck my pals how clean and quiet the area is. Having spent the previous day in Shibuya there is certainly a difference!

Mr. Cakes and I previously took a trip to the Mori Tower Observation Deck and sky roof in Roppongi Hills. However the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building is located in a corporate, business area. So believe it or not, the view is different. The snap above is one of our favorite buildings. On this day we saw the window washers going up!

Here is the building. We were able to go up in the North Tower, which takes you to the 42nd floor. Construction on the Tokyo Metropolitan building or ‘Tocho’ was started in 1988 and finished in December of 1991. It cost the equivalent of 1 billion US dollars.

The view is amazing. There is no foreseeable break in buildings – which still overwhelms my sight.

The building on the left that appears to step down each tower is Shinjuku Park Tower.

‘Tocho’ has many high-rise buildings close and gives a nice perspective. Having just walked by some of these buildings it is amazing to have a higher view. I felt more appreciative of the buildings having seen them from above.

Above, the left-hand building is the Shinjuku Sumitomo Building. The building which V’s at the base is the Sompo Japan Head Office Building. Then the sand colored building is Shinjuku Center Building. The most eye-catching building is the ‘egg’ like one, which is the Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower. It was designed by a Harvard graduate, the principal at Tange Associates and serves as a 50 story educational building. It is listed as the second tallest educational building in the world.

The observation deck at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building was a great way to not spend money and have an aerial view of all the hustle and bustle. Next time we will check out the South Tower, which on a clear day is said to have a view of Mount Fuji.