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Prior to arrival, Rx (initials of our pals) had a short list of must do’s. At the top of the list was a trip to Kamakura to see The Great Buddha. We agreed all four of us should go together, so we waited for the day Mr. Cakes had off from work. Of course the day we set out was the only day of the week it rained!

Kamakura is a quick trip out of Tokyo and well worth the $15 or so train fare. After a 40 minute JR Train from Ebisu to Kamakura, we boarded a local trolley that then transports you to one of three further stops. The furthest, Hase is where we would get off to see the Buddha.

There are almost no words that can describe the scene, the physical sculpture or the atmosphere. Many have written about it, including Rudyard Kippling who wrote a poem called ‘Buddha at Kamakura’. So many people visit the site and later share bits and personal insight, but it certainly is something one must witness oneself to truly appreciate.




The highlight of my day was spending time inside of the Buddha. It was an amazing feeling to actually see and read about the construction of this sculpture. Looking on the inside was truly an incredible sight. It sort of took on a sculptural element of its own and made me think of Lee Bontecou.

Before leaving we all admired one last item. Buddha’s slippers.

As it would turn out the rain kept away huge crowds and allowed us to have a more personal time visiting The Great Buddha. I am so glad that we managed to get through the showers and enjoy the historic site. There is nothing like sharing a new experience with dear pals. We all left pretty soaked but fulfilled with the adventure and I’m pretty sure ready for the next one!