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Kamakura has nearly 80 shrines and temples. It would take someone at least a week to see each one. Of course one would need more time to have a thorough look and time to reflect. After spending the morning at The Great Buddha, the four of us set out for Hasedera Temple.


This temple is built along a wooded hill. As we entered the rain was still pouring, but we weren’t going to let that bother us. At the base we discovered impeccably maintained ponds and serene landscaping along with a temizuya. The temizuya is a fountain to wash your hands and mouth before entering the temple.


Looking around it was amazing to see such beauty in nature. What amazed me is that the area looks so natural, but obviously has a hard working grounds crew! You know something is done well when it looks easy.


There was so much to see. A simple tulip caught our attention. Everywhere we looked it was beautiful. I felt like this was the first time I had seen such amazing colors.


This tree has really spread its roots!


Up a flight of stairs, one will find hundreds of these small statues. The statue is Jizo Bodhisattva, who helps the souls of dead children reach paradise.





At the top level you reach the temple. Before entering the temple we made an offering for good health and happy lives in 2012 for all our friends and family.





When I reached the top level the landscaping is once again simple and caring. In each direction, I thought about how much time and effort went into planning, planting, and maintaining the grounds. Considering this is a popular temple to visit, the amount of foot traffic that wears on the area is also incredible.



We all took a break from the rain and stopped in the cafe. There we had some green tea and a special biscuit. Although it was cloudy and raining it was still nice to have a taller view and see the coast.



Once we were all back to ground level we ventured into a cave at one end of the grounds. It was a nice surprise to tour this small cave! At the entrance there were many offerings people have laid for themselves or others. It was difficult to shoot in such a dark area, but Rx managed to capture us!



After leaving the cave we were ready to roll on out. On to our next adventure! As we were heading out we saw a few blossoms. It made Mr. Cakes and I wonder what Spring time will bring. I imagine these gardens will be gorgeous!