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Tuesday and Thursday Mr. Cakes and I have language class by the Takadanababa JR Train stop. Since class runs until 8:30pm we usually grab a bite to eat before jumping back on the train home.

There is great spot that Mr. Cakes found with a colleague and classmate who is from the British branch here on exchange. Desmond Burkeshire, more on him in a later entry.

When Rx (initials for our pals) were in town we wanted to share this spot with them. So one night after class we all met up for dinner in Takadanababa.


The vintage posters are fantastic to look at, but the best part of this restaurant is that the prices are very low! Since the neighborhood is home to lots of college kids there are many ‘cheap’ places to eat and drink.




The menu is very large. There are skewers of grilled meat, vegetables, onigiri, and yakisoba, along with much, much more! It’s a good thing the Mr. was with us, because there is no English on this menu!

Thanks to X and her camera, we had a timed photo of all of us! And after the huge meal you can see how happy we are!