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A Saturday at the Sunshine City Aquarium inspired our imagination and tested our patience. The train ride from home to Ikebukuro took about 35 minutes. When we arrived, Mr. Cakes and I found the unassuming concrete building which houses an aquarium on the top floor. Imagine the Hancock Building, then put an aquarium on top with an open air roof deck that is home to dozens of penguins!

The actual aquariums are nothing in size compared to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago but very interesting. We were impressed to see many water creatures that we had never seen before! The exhibit is one floor and snakes around. At the start we were greeted by this guy (or girl).

You won’t be able to tell by any of the photos but this Saturday it was incredibly packed. People were not afraid to push, so we had to take quick snaps and then move along! The next tank we practically passed since we were not exactly sure what to look for. Can you tell what camouflaged sea creature is in there? (Hint: left and bottom right)

This tank caught my eye because of the mix. If you look closely on the right hand side you will notice a tail of something. Even in smaller tanks animals are able to blend right in.

Here is another mix. These fish live at very deep levels – which is why there is not a lot of light.

My favorite part of the tour were all the jellyfish tanks! There were many different types of jellyfish and considering the danger of being bit by one in open water, it was nice to admire these things behind glass. 

Sunshine City did not leave out the tortoise. Here is a little guy (or girl) and as you can tell, it’s trying to climb a much bigger one!

Nothing caught the attention of children and adults like this one. This unbelievable animal was so different! I was surprised that kids were so interested and not scared. One kid asked his father if they could buy him.

By the time we left the aquarium it was dark outside. We walked past the penguins on our way out. Had a quick laugh about ‘tuxedo’s’ and then were back on the city streets.

Saturday crowds at Sunshine City Aquarium were a bit tiresome. However all things considered we rarely have the opportunity to be face with so many jellyfish and amazing animals, so some things are worth the crowds!