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There are so many cute shops in and around Tokyo. While some have an inviting exterior, some are so small one would barely notice!

Chahat is a super cute shop in Kamakura. The shop had a variety of products. In addition to clothing, one could buy stationary, linens, and bags. I really liked the shop because it reminded me of upstate NY. The small kitchen area was simply stylized. How sweet is that yellow kettle?

As soon as we entered, Mr. Cakes called out the painted hens. Adorable little decoration and not for sale!

On this one display case you’ll find: throw blankets, knit hats, table linens, scarfs and socks.

These handkerchiefs can be used as napkins or furoshiki. Which is a traditional Japanese way of wrapping a gift.

All of the leather bags are made in India.

The gourds hanging have been dried and hallowed and now house potpourri. I’m not sure if Martha Stewart has thought of this, but what a great idea!

The shopkeeper was extremely friendly and took time to explain the connection the shop has to India. Many of the products are made there and checked out to be socially responsible in terms of materials and labor. In addition, the proceeds from some of the products made by artisans in a small Indian town are returned to the village to help with the local school.

What a fantastic surprise to enter such a small shop and discover such a variety of products. Chahat was a very special space. The time and effort put into selecting the fine goods as well as the actual design of the interior appealed to me. And don’t worry, I didn’t leave empty-handed! Just a few little notebooks and cards were all I needed!