Anyone that knows Mr. Cakes knows that he enjoys a wheat beer from time to time. His favorite being Franziskaner. So when we moved to Tokyo and discovered ‘Franziskaner Bar & Grill’ is just a 10 minute walk from home we knew it was meant to be.

This little restaurant is like stepping into a German chalet. I’d say it’s just the meat and potatoes that we crave every so often! Once inside one truly feels removed from all the hustle and bustle of Tokyo streets. Germany is on our travel list, so this restaurant reminds us of how much we want to visit.

Outside of one or two specialty bars it seemed rare to find Franziskaner on draft in NYC. So to move to Tokyo and live so close to this place seems like an unbelievable coincidence.

The Franziskaner is available in 5 different sizes. To play it safe on the first trip Mr. Cakes opted for the middle size. I have a feeling he’ll be back for the largest glass at some point during our stay.

Above you can see Mr. Cakes looking all too pleased with his selection! In the background you may notice the screen playing scenic landscapes of Germany. Often the screen is used to play a soccer match. Those nights one will find the place packed to the brim and lots of beers being gulped down by expats and nationals alike.

Savoring his hard work!

For dinner we kept it pretty simple. A swirl sausage with grainy mustard and some baked cheesy potatoes. Next time we will try another specialty on the menu. Our evening out was very enjoyable! I mean, Mr. Cakes had his favorite beer and I avoided doing the dishes!