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Mr. Cakes and I arrived at Nagano around noon.  

On our walk toward the Nagano Broadway Mall we stopped to enjoy some Takoyaki. These delicious treats are made with a basic batter and a piece of octopus inside. The toppings we choose were onion, seaweed and ponzu for dipping.


We spent the afternoon inside the mall. This mall is famous for video games, nostalgia shops, and specialty models – so there is plenty to see! I feel safe to say that the majority of the shoppers were male. Many of whom were teenagers, but plenty of dads seemed to be having just as much fun as their sons!


Here is an example of a ‘nostalgia shop’. There were some truly collectable trinkets, but the prices were crazy. A lot of the expensive antiques we liked were from the States, so it didn’t seem worthwhile to purchase. (and yes, I’m wearing a scrunchie)


Take this piggy for example. She costs $380.


You can guess who took this photo!


There were a couple of shops for me. Here is a display for one of the vintage shops.


After we left the mall we decided to stick around and find some dinner. The street lights had birds and flowers on display. We headed down this little street looking for a place to eat.


Mr. Cakes decided this sign had exactly what we wanted! I had to agree, a large hunk of meat on the bone and the word ‘wine’. In the end we were more than pleased with our decision!


Cheers! We certainly treated ourselves to a wonderful meal. The roast chicken was amazing. Mr. Cakes enjoyed a steak, yet somehow it disappeared before I had a chance to snap a photo.




On our walk back to the train we found this little ‘honky tonk’ bar. We decided to stop in for one before heading home. It was quite amusing how the inside looked like we could have been at any number of bars in the States.     


We had a little fun looking at our new players purchased from the mall earlier in the day. I’m not ashamed to say that I find these Ultraman villains incredibly entertaining. After the Warsteiner was finished we were on our way. Another fun-filled day (and stomach) to add to the memory bank.