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Right now everyone in Japan is very excited because it is cherry blossom season. When cherry blossoms, known as Sakura, bloom it is the most beautiful time of the year. I am so pleased to share some of the snaps me and Mr. Cakes have taken.

We did not have to go far to admire all the blossoms. About 25 meters from our home is Meguro River, which is lined with cherry blossom trees. Both sides of the river provide ample walking space and are even ‘pedestrian only’ in certain areas. Either side of the river is also lined with lots of boutiques and restaurants. On an unseasonable day it is a very pleasant walk, so now that blossom season is here, it truly is an amazing walk!

This past weekend marked the Sakura actually blooming. So starting on Saturday all the food vendors set up tents and stands, while the boutiques brought out their displays, and even some of the neighbors set up sidewalk sales. Of course with all the amazing food and sales – comes the crowds. Saturday was absolutely packed!

I’m used to having the river walk street space to myself. As you can see below, I had to adjust and share the beautiful view. Bus loads of people were driven to Meguro River, lots of families made an entire day out of it, and many of the ‘neighborhoodies’ were all out and about.

The actual celebration of Sakura is called Hanami. I have come to the conclusion that it means drinking alcohol and staring at cherry blossoms. Both of which I thoroughly enjoyed over the weekend! (Hanabi is the celebration of fireworks, as noted on the lantern below).

Of course no image can beat the real thing! But have a look for yourself and see if you think the Meguro River walk is as gorgeous as I do.

This time of year is really worth the wait! Winter is gone and Spring is here. Once the blossoms reach full bloom (mankai), it usually takes a week for them to start falling and blowing off of the trees. In a year from now I will likely be celebrating Easter in the States. However I’ll be thinking of Tokyo, and how beautiful the city is during Sakura season.