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To honor this time of year and attempt to convey how beautiful the blossoms are, I decided that this week will be all about cherry blossoms! The Sakura season is very important to the people of Japan. On a recent Tokyo tour the guide said that New Year’s Day is the biggest holiday in Japan followed by Hanami, which is the celebration of Sakura.

It is hard to explain how excited people are during this period. The past week has filled our little neighborhood with Japanese and foreign tourists alike – all to admire the blossoms. There are small gatherings of friends, families, and colleagues gazing at the blossoms while enjoying food and drink. Most importantly this celebration lightens up the general serious mood. Instead, one will hear lots of laughter and see people full of joy. It really is a special time to be in Japan!

Here are more snaps of Sakura along the Meguro River.