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About a mile down from home the Meguro River moves out of the low key residential scene and grows into a more corporate setting with some schools and high rise residential living. Luckily, the area still hosts many cherry blossom trees.

This area is nice because it is truly a pedestrian only walkway. In the early hours one will find people jogging and walkers out for a morning stroll. During the afternoon school kids play, mother’s bike or walk to and from errands, and even salarymen take lunch by the water.

Above you can see the Southern view from one of my favorite bridges. I like this bridge because of the color and the design.


The left snap above shows the shadow cast which makes me think of water and the addition of the lanterns add a festive touch. The right hand picture is the sidewalk at another bridge. The tiles inlayed depict Sakura and umbrellas.

Petals are starting to line the streets and fill the water below, before long there will be no sign of Sakura.

By the looks of the gray and white patches under each arch, it’s easy to image many of the pedestrians have been street artists! Walking through this area I tend to look down rather than up. The shadows cast by the tree are a charming 2-D design.

Enjoying these past couple weeks of blossoms has been a very special experience. This time of year seems to lift the spirits of everyone who views the cherry blossoms. I look forward to next season, wherever I’ll be!