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During the second week of my family’s stay in Tokyo we continued to explore and indulge a little. On Friday, Mr. Cakes took the day off work and spent the afternoon with my dad in ‘Electronic Town’, Akihabara. While the men went about their day, the ladies had a reservation – tea at The Park Hyatt.

The Peak Lounge is on the 41st floor of The Park Hyatt and the perfect destination for ‘ladies that lunch’. The tea service included small sandwiches and finger foods, sweets, and individual pots of tea.


My first pot of tea was ‘Giving’ which notes ‘To help maintain beautiful skin’. I’m not sure about that, but the tea was absolutely delicious. I was surprised at the beautiful color and more importantly the wonderful taste! It had the right balance of earthiness (from the hibiscus) and floral note (from the rose).




To start, the server brought a tray with sandwiches, scones, and sweets. Of course a proper tea is not a meal but to tide oneself over for a late dinner. In other words the portions were very small but extremely tasty!


In addition to the scones there was clotted cream and a plum jam served.


My favorite was the mango mousse served on a crisp chocolate crust. Oyshii! (which means delicious in Japanese)


Having tea around 2pm on the 41st floor was quite warm. The sun was shining and the ‘solar shades’ were drawn. It’s a bit grainy, but you can make out the view we had while we enjoyed tea.


The salmon tea sandwich.


My sister (ACH) was very pleased with the pink macaroon!


Here is the assortment of finger foods: tomato & mozzarella, bacon & cheese tart, fancy pizza square, and a salon mousse. All of which were just the right bite size!


Mom and ACH at the end of our tea time were both very pleased. The Peak Lounge on the 41st floor of The Park Hyatt provided a wonderful view of Tokyo and a relaxing atmosphere. If I have more time to spoil myself I’d gladly come back to order a pot a tea, read a book, and enjoy the amazing view!