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After 6 months of living in Tokyo I sometimes forget share my adventures! A couple of months ago Mr. Cakes and I spent a full afternoon shopping in Shibuya and were getting hungry. By the time we were ready to eat both of us were indecisive on what we wanted. After wandering around we looked up and found what would become one of our favorite restaurants.

Little Fat Sheep is a fantastic shabu-shabu style restaurant. The boiling broth that cooks the thinly sliced meat and vegetables is Mongolian influenced and therefore contains lots (and I mean lots) of spice and garlic.

A typical Japanese shabu-shabu is a pot of boiling dashi or kelp broth. One will add vegetables and eventually dip thinly sliced beef (or meat of choice) in the water to cook. There are a couple of dipping sauces for the cooked meat, one is ponzu and the other is sesame. Once I enjoyed my first ‘authentic’ meal of shabu-shabu I knew I had found my favorite food.

Having become very accustomed to the general lack of spice in Japanese food I was more than thrilled to walk into Little Fat Sheep and smell the spices! The menu has a guide to what ingredients are added in the ‘hot pot’. There are 11 different items added for flavor. 

Mr. Cakes and I have eaten here several times. During our first meal we didn’t hold back! We ordered lots of vegetables, meat, tofu, and ramen noodles. Most of the time we choose the single pot, with one broth. But like the menu above, one can order the larger pot that has both broths – the white being not as spicy with a slight sweetness to it. Our favorite is the one on the right, ordered at medium. Karai! (which means spicy in Japanese)

At our more recent visit the vegetables we chose included: 2 types of mushrooms, cabbage, japanese sweet potato, potato and tofu. We had our 2 plates of thinly sliced lamb and rice noodles. In addition to our favorites we tried the chicken skewers, which arrived well-seasoned and cooked. By the end of each meal Mr. Cakes and I usually agree that a third person could join us – and we’d still have enough food. (that’s after we finish everything)


Mr. Cakes, slaving over the hot pot. At least he won’t have any dishes to clean!

To help cool the spice we always enjoy plenty of cold beers and lemon sours. There is nothing better than a tart lemon drink to sip on while enjoying a spicy meal. Little Fat Sheep will always be a favorite spot! Even in the warmer months to come, the spicy food will help us deal with the heat outside!