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One of the most recognizable landmarks in Tokyo is none other than the Tokyo Tower.

Located in Minoto-Ku, Tokyo Tower was inspired by the Eiffel Tower and is used as an observation deck and for broadcast communications. The tower broke ground in June 1957 and was opened in December 1958. Here you can see Tokyo Tower as viewed from Mori Tower. It certainly stands out in the high-rise, beige landscape of the city.

– 333 Meters High
– Tallest self-supporting steel structure in the world
– 2nd tallest artificial structure in Japan
– Final cost to build: about $8 million US dollars
– 24 broadcast waves are transmitted 

– Tower is painted orange & white as per air safety regulations

There are 2 observations decks. Here is the view from the ‘Main Observatory’ deck at Tokyo Tower. The ‘Special Observatory’ requires purchase of another ticket, which I decided against this visit.

The tall building on the right (silver) is Mori Tower. 

Although thin, Tokyo Tower casts a very large shadow!

At 145 meters high, the Main Observatory floor provides several ‘look down windows’.

Below the tower I noticed all these ‘flying fish’, or Koinobori. Koinobori is a carp wind sock and hung outside during April and May to celebrate ‘Children’s Day’. It’s a holiday that is said to celebrate and honor kids in hopes they will grow up strong and healthy.

Since arriving to Japan I have noticed that many businesses, landmarks, and restaurants have their own mascot. Tokyo Tower is no different. Here is one of the Noppon Brothers, who represent the tower. This one is the younger brother, who is described as ‘cheerful and lively, but often feels lonely and misses people’.

I’m not sure who creates such mascot histories but in addition to their characteristics, that the Noppon Brothers have hobbies! Their hobbies are greeting people and sunbathing while their goal is to become top stars! Gotta admire the Tokyo Tower silhouette on the younger brothers shoes!

I left admiring the shadows cast by the Koinobori and looking forward to more sunny days in Tokyo!