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Last week I had the privilege of joining Mr. Cakes on a work trip to Ireland. Although we stayed in Dublin I had the opportunity to take a couple of day trips to the Northern and Southern parts of the country.

I can barely put into words how much I adore Ireland! I was terribly sad to leave and could only step on the plane because I knew we’d be back for a proper holiday sometime in the near future.

To sum up my travel experience in Ireland I can say: the people are eXtremely friendly, the food is fantastic, prices are reasonable, and country as a whole is beautiful. Dublin and the surrounding countryside have a much different landscape than anywhere I’ve ever been. I had my fair share of ‘pinch me’ moments!

Oh, AND the weather was absolutely amazing! No rain, not even a drop. We spent the week with daylight from 6am – 9pm with temperatures in the high 70’s – low 80’s. It couldn’t have been more meant to be, for a last-minute trip.

Dublin itself is a smaller city (in comparison to NYC or TK) with the feel of Philly and Boston combined. My personal impression is that people are hard-working, yet take time afterwards to drink, sing, play music and truly appreciate the pleasures in life.

I hope you enjoy the following entries on Ireland. Like I mentioned earlier, words, photos or even video cannot convey the spirit and loveliness of Ireland. I highly suggest bumping up this country on your travel list. Especially if you’re like me and prefer beautiful scenery with good food and drink. Slainte!