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A great way to see Ireland is by taking advantage of all the bus tours. There are many options for day trips to the countryside. I planned ahead to ensure I had a seat on the trip to the Cliffs of Moher. My tour group met at 6:50am and were on the road by 7am. 

Located on the West Coast of Ireland the cliffs run about 5 miles long and rise about 700 feet from the Atlantic Ocean, 400 feet being above sea level. The cliffs were originally the site of a huge river delta and are said to be formed over 300 million years ago.

In addition to a wonderful tourist destination the cliffs are home to some 30,000 birds! There are at least 20 species of birds, one of which is the Atlantic Puffin! I didn’t have the chance to see one. They to come to shore in April and May to nest, but nest in the cliffs which makes it difficult to find them. There were plenty of hawks, gulls, and ravens to view, flying around enjoying what must be the best view!

From the parking lot you can see the visitor center. Designed so that guests are not distracted by ‘man-made amenities’, the site is built into the natural landscape. It’s quite amazing, and very well thought out.

Past the visitor center one is met with the most amazing view.

There is really no way to capture or believe the images below unless you see it in person. I only wish I had the means to transport everyone I know to this beautiful landscape.

I spent about 3 hours (carefully) walking along the cliffs and stopping along the way to breath in the air and enjoy the scenery. The weather could not have been better! A bright day with a slight breeze from the Atlantic made for the perfect visit!

With the sun shining down it was one of the most unbelievable days I’ve experienced in my life. There was so much to just look at and appreciate. Ireland was definitely a ‘green’ country. The color of the landscape was extremely vivid and absolutely inspiring.

Once the tour left the cliffs we stopped in Doolin for lunch. Hard to believe such a lovely and peaceful afternoon could work up such an appetite. But when in Ireland. . . roast lamb, greens, 2 types of potatoes and some vege. Delicious! The perfect way cap off a fantastic day!