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From time to time Mr. Cakes and I enjoy treating ourselves. My favorite ‘treat’ is a green tea parfait. We generally split one, but there are occasions when one needs one’s own.

At Nana’s Green Tea the parfait layers are unusual compared to one from DQ. The base contains clear gelatin cubes with a green tea syrup topped with ice cream and more syrup. Then corn flakes, a scoop of green tea ice cream and 3 mochi balls (rice beaten to a pulp and then shaped into balls) are added. Not forgotten is a side of red bean paste and finally a healthy swirl of real whip cream and a drizzle of green tea. Oyshii!


Between the 2 of us the entire parfait is always wiped out. The corn flakes are a real winner with the ice cream. In fact my 3 favorite components to the treat are the flakes, mochi, and whip cream. Since Mr. Cakes enjoys the green tea and vanilla ice cream with the red bean paste I’d say we make a great pair!

As the weather heats up I’ll have no problem suggesting we ‘Treat our Selves’ regularly!!