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By now anyone who has kept up with my Ireland posts can tell how much pull the country had on me. In part, Ireland was the first ‘english’ speaking country I’d been in for 7 months. So having complete awareness and the ability to communicate throughout all social and day-to-day activities was very engaging.

The friendliness of Dublin reminded me of my roots in the Midwest and how intentional people can be in going out of their way to greet you or help you out. In addition, the food had a certain Midwest heartiness to it, the meat and potatoes really stuck to my bones!

On the other side, I’d say the grit factor brought me back to Earth. Tokyo has a tremendously safe culture, if I were to leave my purse at a restaurant (as I did the other night) or on the bus it would 99% with certainty be returned to me intact. And that’s one amazing social quality attributed to TK!

Having a change of scenery allowed for time to reflect on my past 7 months overseas. Being in Dublin reminded me how far I’ve come living in Tokyo as a ‘dependent’ housewife and how much one can adjust to or accept a new culture. At the same time, being pulled out of the hustle and bustle of Tokyo helped remind me how much I have come to appreciate and enjoy day-to-day life in Japan. (Thank you Mr. Cakes).

As I prepare for home leave I look forward to my time reconnecting with NYC, Chicago, and other parts of Illinois. In addition, catching up with family and friends will only further encourage me as I pass the half way mark on my overseas adventure.

I feel like I should have titled this one ‘Dear Online Journal’? I will be back to TK soon enough! Lots more adventures to discover and share. Happy June!