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I am back in Tokyo after a wonderful trip to the States.

Landing in NYC with temperatures close to 100 degrees was not the welcome home I was looking for! Check out the photo above, a hot & hazy view of Central Park. The weather slowed me down but didn’t put a damper on my trip home! I managed to enjoy my time in the city and then head to Chicago for a few days before settling in downstate IL to see my family. Below, you can see the amazing Chi sky right before a rain storm. 

The highlights of my trip, in no particular order are as follows:

Diet Coke, pals (Sister, Bunny, McKill, Rx, Ket, Atts), attending a performance of ‘Storefront Church’, day trip to DIA: Beacon, girls night in AC with McKill, staying at the Palmer House with XVC, grilling out with family, surprise visit from Mr. Cakes, making dinner for my 93-year-old g’pa, and lots of time/ wine with Neeta 7.

Above, a nice Midwest portion of protein, while below you can see that I am really enjoying summer time!

Now that I am back in Japan I realize how little time I have left to explore and enjoy this amazing country. In another week or so I will be back to a regular posting schedule where I plan to share my continued adventures and experiences from all over Japan.

Stay tuned!