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Before heading back to the States Mr. Cakes and I decided to celebrate 8 months in Tokyo by heading to Mount Fuji and staying at a ryokan, a traditional Japanese Inn. Most ryokans house an onsen, a Japanese bath. By Mount Fuji the onsen water is from a hot spring, which has amazing mineral qualities that do not dry out the skin. In addition, our stay included dinner & breakfast, which is why ryokans are more expensive than hotels (but totally worth it).

Once we reached Otsuki Eki we boarded the Fuji-san train. It’s hard to miss!! From there we headed to Lake Kawaguchi to enjoy the scenic view. When we arrived to the lake it was quite cloudy and there was no Mount Fuji to be seen. So after walking around for a while we checked into our ryokan, relaxed and enjoyed a lovely kaiseki dinner. A kaiseki meal refers to a traditional Japanese meal and has come to be known as a spread of many small dishes that consist of local ingredients or specialties from the area. Our meal was beautifully arranged and you’ll see below we had lots to enjoy! Mr. Cakes especially enjoyed the crab leg!

When we woke up the next day we still had no sight of Mount Fuji! But then, just as we were preparing to check out, the clouds broke and there it was, straight out from our patio was Mount Fuji! It was an amazing sight. We could hear ‘ahhs & ohs’ from other rooms nearby so we knew we were sharing a special moment.

The rest of the afternoon we walked around the lake and enjoyed the view of Mount Fuji. But by late afternoon the clouds reappeared and Fuji was out of sight! After a relaxing stay at the ryokan and a peaceful afternoon Mr. Cakes and I knew it was time to head back to the city. We purchased our refreshments and boarded the train to Tokyo. Another lovely experience in Japan and another place I look forward to returning to.

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