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At the end of August Mr. Cakes and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary. Where did the time go? This year we decided to treat ourselves to a weekend in Dogashima. Located on the west side of the Izu Peninsula, Dogashima is known for its scenic coast line.

With only 2 days to explore all the caves, cliffs, and stone formations we barely had time to relax. Not to worry, we managed to spend some time in the open air onsen at our lovely ryokan. Our ryokan, or Japanese Inn was conveniently located a short distance from public transportation and had an amazing view to boot.

Mr. Cakes and I arrived Saturday evening and our timing couldn’t have been better! Once we settled into our room we were able to look out and enjoy the most amazing view! As the sun set we had a wonderful time looking back on our year abroad and of course the past 4 years of marriage.

Sunday we woke up and took the local boat tour. Although short, the ride provided an up close view of the rocks and cliffs in the area. Not to mention a ride through the cave! You can tell by my snap below we weren’t the only ones enjoying the ride!

After the boat ride we did some climbing and exploring along the cliffs. I wasn’t as eager to get as high and close to the edge as Mr. Cakes was.

Monday morning it was time to check out and make our way back to the city. I look forward to visiting the Izu Peninsula again! Something (or someone) tells me that I’ll be back at some point in the future! Maybe our 10 year anniversary?