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If you search ‘Bamboo Forest Kyoto’ you will find the most beautiful images. Or if you have the time, check out this site. We tried our best to capture the amazing scenery along the walking path at Sagano Bamboo Forest, but we were just too distracted!

In truth Mr. Cakes and I needed a good 4 days in Kyoto to see and do everything we had intended. However with a short weekend we tried to pack in all we could in a couple of days. The first day we decided to take the train out of Kyoto center and head to Arashiyama check out the Bamboo Forest.

We were not let down! Although there were no panda sighting, it was a pleasant day to be walking outside. Amongst the many things I have done and seen in Japan this was probably one of my favorite days. The bamboo was incredibly tall and the path was just a special little walk way for each person to enjoy the beauty.

This was already carved into the bamboo. But how fitting to see on our way out! I will always remember our afternoon at Sagano Bamboo Forest.