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Kankaku-ji or The Golden Pavilion is one of the most visited temples in Kyoto. You can read a little about the history here. What is most impressive is how the garden design works with the actual structure. When you view the temple it is just stunning. Not a branch, leaf, or root our of place. 

So much time and effort goes into maintaining the architecture, gardens, and grounds! The pavilion as it stands is a rebuilt structure from 1955 (due to fires), however the history dates to 1397. There is some debate as to how ‘gold’ the initial structure was and whether or not the current finishes are accurate.

The debate doesn’t matter as much when in person. The whole atmosphere has almost a magical quality to it. Kinkaku-ji is relatively small for a temple structure but has an amazing presence and certainly creates a lasting impact on the observer.

Mr. Cakes and I thoroughly enjoyed having a look for ourselves at The Golden Pavilion! We caught ourselves staring at even the reflections of the landscaping. It was just that beautiful!