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In Spring of 2011 Mr. Cakes was presented with the chance to spend a year in Japan on an exchange program for work. At the time we were unsure of many details but interested in the possibility.

Then the terrible tsunami happened and delayed our trip. By August plans were picking up and on October 12, 2011 Mr. Cakes and I flew from JFK to Narita to begin our year abroad.

I am grateful for the experience of spending a year immersed in a foreign culture. There are many more countries Mr. Cakes and I want to explore, but a year in Japan was an amazing opportunity we are so glad we didn’t miss out on!

This year is not without bumps or moments of missing home, but time flies and with lots of support from Mr. Cakes, Bunny Cain, my sister and both our families.

Thank you to all our friends & family who took the time, money and efforts to explore this crazy land with us and keep in touch. You will each be thought of fondly as we look back on this amazing year. (Rx, KC, Neeta7, and my family)

Cheers to the new pals we made, Karinda, Burke and Greenburg you will always be welcome to visit rat city and stay with us in Brooklyn and sleep under our kotatsu.

I’d really like to express how incredible the experience of writing and actually publishing each entry has been. Typos and all! If not only for self-indulgent reasons but to simply share the possibility of traveling and living abroad. The feedback and kind notes only further encouraged me. I have enjoyed hearing from Aunt Janice & Uncle Lew and learning so much about the adventures you two have had!

The past year has flown by and I look forward to future trips back to Japan.

For now, goodnight Tokyo! 


Ashlee In Transit