My name is Ashlee Cakes, I am a Midwestern lady with a Brooklyn Backbone and Tokyo Reality. This year I embark on the best possible adventure, foreign dependent. Which means I have the privilege of not working and taking time to travel and document this once in a lifetime experience. Formerly I worked in Furniture & Interior Design in NYC.

My husband, Mr. Cakes is the hardest working man I know and an amazing partner in all things. As he provides our living as a ‘salaryman’ I plan to focus on creative endeavors and sharing as much of Tokyo as I possibly can with friends, family, and anyone interested. Feel free to write me with any questions or comments about what I post!

10 Quick Facts about me:

1.  I could not live without eBay and Thrift Stores (Recycled Shops)

2.  In favor of fake nails

3.  Fan of Lionel Ritchie

4.  Dream job, candy shop owner

5.  Married to Mr. Cakes for 3 years

6.  I read Gawker everyday (www.gawker.com)

7.  Bench hoarder, I love benches

8.  Prefer gold over silver

9.  Drink of choice, bourbon + a splash of soda (bourbon highball)

10.  This is my first blog

~ Ashlee C.


Send me a line, share your thoughts.

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